Kingfisher Wedding Videos

We cannot recommend Kingfisher enough, we love our montage video! It really captures the day and we know its something we will be watching back many many times in the future.

We would recommend these guys to anyone!

Karen Barnsley

Watching our wedding videos really took us both back to our wedding day, the quality of the video and the different shots really makes for a fantastic memento of our wedding.
We have even seen lots of things in the video that we didn’t get to see ourselves on the day as we were busy!

The videos are something we are really going to treasure and we just want to say a massive thanks to everyone at Kingfisher.

Louise Robinson

Thanks for our beautiful video, we couldn’t have asked for more and are really pleased with the result. The drone shots in particular make it very spectacular and we are really happy, thank you all so much.

Clavi Edward

A huge thanks to everyone at Kingfisher, we are really pleased with our videos.

We didn’t see Matt that much on the day and forgot he was there most of the time, he was so unobtrusive.

Watching the video back we cant believe how great the video looks and how he managed to capture so many amazing and intimate moments whilst blending into the background himself.

Thanks again

John Parker

We were not 100% sure on whether to have a videographer at our wedding as we thought the people and cameras could get in the way of our special day. However, I’m so glad we did as the videos are amazing.

We hardly noticed the video guys during the day and have wondered how they managed to capture so much without being seen!

Our photos are really lovely, but watching the video instantly takes you back to our special day in a way the photos cant.
We are so glad we made the choice to have a wedding video, thanks to all at Kingfisher.

Ruth Allen